FairySwap will also introduce a trustless and permissionless marketplace for #FRC721 tokens curated in the Fairy-verse.Join us #DEX #DeFi #NFT https://t.co/tRkFLxtlXG

Hi. Any update for Fairy Token?

Hi. There is $60,000 Fairy Token giveaway. You can join if you want to.

I see. So it will be available after the giveaway?

Stay tuned for upcoming updates. For now please join the giveaway

Okay. Do you have link for the giveaway?

It posted in here. So could you please search it?

I saw a post from twitter about this project, I’ve been confused on the privacy of users

FairySwap gives you protection from hackers

They will protect your information publicly.

Hmm okay. I thought if I stake they cannot see my staking information

Just like that. It will help you to protect your privacy

Okay thank you for the information